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Ferndale area Candidates Respond to CFF Questionnaire: Fall 2022

CFF seeks to help Ferndale voters get acquainted with those running for public office. To this end, CFF asked candidates to complete a CFF Candidate Questionnaire, allowing them to share contact information and responses to several questions. Click on names to view each candidate’s completed questionnaire.

Candidates for School Board (Vote Four for a 4-Year term)

Peter Ceglarek

Sandra Dukhie

Jackie Hart

Jonathan Turner

Candidates for Library Board (Vote Three for a 4 -Year term)

Meghan Evoy

Erin Hooper

Kevin Yezbick

Citizen’s for a Fair Ferndale Hold Candidate Forum


On Saturday, November 3, 2018, Citizens for a Fair Ferndale (CFF) held a Candidate Forum at the Ferndale Area District Library (222 E. 9 Mile Rd.) from 2:00-4:00 p.mCFF has invited all declared candidates for the Ferndale Public Schools Board of Education, the Ferndale Library Board, and Judge of the 43rd District Court. The public and the media are encouraged to attend.

Below are candidate questionnaires that were circulated and returned to CFF by 5 of the candidates on the upcoming November 6th ballot.

Click this link  for a facebook live recording of the forum. It is only 35 minutes long!

Anna Ibrahim – School Board

Jim O’Donnell School Board

Daniel Hooper – Library Board

Beau Perry – Library Board

Kevin Yezbick – Library Board

Keith Hunt – Judge

Jim Osak – Judge


School Board and Library Board Candidate Forum

On Sunday, October 30, 2016, Citizens for a Fair Ferndale (CFF) will hold a School Board and Library Board Candidate Forum at Ferndale City Hall at 1:00 pm. The event will also be recorded and submitted to WFRN for airing until Election Day. The public and the media are encouraged to attend.
CFF has invited all declared candidates: Mike Davisson and Jackie Hart for Ferndale School Board, and Judeen Bartos, Richard Consul, Kelly Farrah, Adrienne Fazzolara Gilmore, Amanda Hanlin, and Kevin Yezbick for Ferndale Area District Library Board.
The format is simple:
1. All declared Candidates for School Board and Library Board are invited to participate.
2. Candidates are at a table in the front of the room.
3. Each Candidate will have an opportunity to give a 2 minute introduction.
4. As people come in, they are given 3 x 5 cards. These are gathered periodically and brought to the moderator. The moderator then poses the questions to the candidates. Each Candidate has 2 minutes to answer each question. The order of response changes so each has a chance to be first.
5. There is a timer to help you pace answers.
6. Each Candidate will have an opportunity to give a closing statement.
Click here for CFF’s complete Forum Guidelines (Note the introduction and closing statement times will be shortened for this particular forum, due to the large number of Library Board candidates).

Download and read questionnaires completed by the candidates.

UPDATE (10/31): Two write-in candidates have also filed paperwork to be considered for this election. Keith Warnick is running for School Board and Mary C. Riegle is running for Library Board.

UPDATE (11/4): Click here to watch the candidate forum on YouTube.

Contact us for more information: or (248) 515-7803