Editor’s Note:

  • FernCare, the Ferndale Free Clinic, started as an initiative of CFF members and has since become a fully independent organization with its own board, funding and website. Read more about FernCare.
  • The note below predates FernCare’s emergence as a separate entity:

    Citizens for a Fair Ferndale will hold an information sharing forum on the formation of a free medical clinic for Ferndale residents on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 2 – 4 pm at AJ’s Cafe, 240 W. Nine Mile, Ferndale.

    What kind of services would help? Is there any day or night that would be especially convenient? Who should our clinic serve? Who funds a free clinic? These and a lot of other questions will be discussed. We expect good give and take conversation.

    Ms. Charissa Shawcross, the director of the Joy-Southfield Health Clinic which opened in 2001, will also be there to assist discussion.

    There are 47 free medical clinics in Michigan that serve people without medical insurance or who are underinsured. These clinics are all non-profit and work with a majority of volunteer staff.

    Community Media Network will video the discussion for public access cable.

    Ann Heler will be the moderator for the discussion. If you require any additional information, call her at 248-547-4692 or contact her at