Our Recent Projects

In addition to its current efforts with community forums, relationship building and recognition of civic activity, Citizens for a Fair Ferndale (CFF) and its predecessor, Friends and Neighbors of Ferndale (FANS), are proud of several significant accomplishments in our community:

  • Ferndale Inclusion Network: A network of people and groups in Ferndale, Michigan, intent on building a more diverse and inclusive community. @FerndaleForAll
  • The Civility Project/Ferndale Good Neighbors 
  • FernCare, the Ferndale Free Clinic, started as an initiative of CFF members and has since become a fully independent organization with its own board, funding and website.  Read more about FernCare.
  • Ferndale’s Human Rights Ordinance, supported overwhelmingly by voters in 2006, emerged from the efforts of FANS and members of CFF.

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