Good Neighbor Awards

Call for Nominations:
2018 Good Neighbors Awards

Help us honor individuals, organized groups and businesses who make Ferndale a community that values the fair and equal treatment of everyone.
What can you do?

Previous honorees have

  • Created inclusive, welcoming environments in their businesses
  • Collaborated on art projects that celebrate diversity
  • Spoken out against injustice in our community
  • Tutored foreign-born Americans
  • Created a neighborhood festival
  • Cared for senior citizen neighbors
  • Established block club networks
  • Built a community garden
  • Sheltered the homeless

Past Honorees include Julie Andrews, Bob Babut, Dean Bach (Dino’s), Angela Barboza-Ryan, Kate Baker, Laura Bellamy, Pamela Bellaver, Katy Beyerlin, Elie Boudt and Nuria Garrote, Ed Burns, Mark Cohen, Katrina & Tim Collins, Paul Collom, Craig Covey, Doug Davis, Jean Davis, Kevin Deegan-Krause, Andrew Dengate, June Derin, David Dominic, Judy Donlin, Ferncare Clinic Team, Ferndale Elk’s Lodge, Carol Frederick, Tiffani Gagne, Pastor Paul Gateman, Doug and Penny Gephardt, Ginny Beauty Supply, Jon Glab (Strawberry Moon), Chuck Goedert, Ron Gilmour, the Good Family (Linda, Lynn, Lisa, and Michael), Kelly Farrah, Keri & Caleb Grayson (Xhedos Cafe), Mike & Cathy Greer, Tomiko Gumbleton, Francine Hachem, Don Hagle (J & D Auto), Ernie Hassan (of Ernie’s Market), Hazel Park Even Start, Ann Heler, Rachel Heller, Justin Hewitt, Dennis Hoeppner (Legacy Award), Ryan Humphreys, Ralph and Christine Jerulle, Trevor Johnson, Andrea Johns, Krista & Chris Johnston, Jackie Koivu, Kelly and Steve Kachnowski, Sherry Kruzman-Martin, Betty LaFramboise, La Leche League of Ferndale/Oak Park, Brandon Lampkin, Barb and Pat Landry, Richard Latimer, Bob & Mary Lenaway, Angela Lippard, Stephanie Loveless, Scott Maloney (Treat Dreams), Daniel Martin, Loretta Matschikowski, Jim Maxwell, Jason McIntosh and Jim Shaffer, Mozella McIntyre, Kelly McKinstry, Larry Mills, Monica Mills, Julia Music, Janet Narich, Shannon O’Brien, Frank O’Donnell and Helen Weber,  AJ O’Neal (AJ’s Cafe), Paramount Bank, Ron Owens, Dennis Paulson, Greg Pawlica, Rebecca Phoenix, Bob Porter, Crystal Proxmire, Nancy Quesnell, Becky Rabban, Mary Ellen Rollins, Paul Saville Jr., Larry Saville, Delmar Schmidt, Charles Sink, Jacki Smith, Peggy Snow, John Sterritt, Ann St. Peter, Ann Steslicke, Ann Warner, Carrie Watkins, Sherry Wells, Western Market, Debra Wilson, Ruby Woods, Butch Yuhas.

Contact us for more information at or (248) 962-3247.

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