Good Neighbor Awards

2020 Good Neighbors Awards! Stay tuned for more information about our honorees!

Citizens for a Fair Ferndale is pleased to announce the 2020 Good Neighbor = Strong Community awards. The awards celebrate the ongoing efforts of those who live, work and attend school in Ferndale, who value the fair and equal treatment of others and are engaged in making this happen on a daily basis. The Good Neighbors = Strong Community Awards program identifies and honors individuals, organizations and businesses in our community who are outstanding examples of “good neighbors.”

Note: Due to Covid restrictions, Citizens for a Fair Ferndale will not hold our customary gathering to award our honorees. Stay tuned for plans for a virtual event. 

Previous honorees have:

  • Created inclusive, welcoming environments in their businesses
  • Collaborated on art projects that celebrate diversity
  • Spoken out against injustice in our community
  • Tutored foreign-born Americans
  • Created a neighborhood festival
  • Cared for senior citizen neighbors
  • Established block club networks
  • Built a community garden
  • Sheltered the homeless

Click HERE to see a list of past honorees

Contact us for more information at For any questions about the event, or if you are interested in participating in future awards, please contact Mary Schusterbauer at 248.219.9646 or Bridget Deegan-Krause at 248.439.0747.