2019 Ferndale Mayor and Council Candidates

Get to know our community’s candidates! On Tuesday, November 5th, Ferndale voters will vote for a mayor and 3 council members (two 4-year term, one 2-year term). CFF asked candidates to complete a CFF Candidate Questionnaire, allowing them to share¬†contact information and responses to several questions.¬†Click on names to view a .pdf of each candidate’s completed questionnaire.

Candidates for Mayor (2-Year term)

Melanie Piana

Brian Stawowy

Candidate for City Council (Vote for Two for a 4-Year term)

Ben Buttolph

Nada Daher

Augusto Mike Flores

Kat Bruner James

Raylon Leaks-May

Candidates for City Council (Vote for One for a 2-Year term)

Rolanda (Ro) Kelley

Laura Mikulski

Maryanne Wessels

Dennis Whittie