2009 Awards: Trevor Johnson

It is the joy about The Good Neighbor Garden that has most impressed Ferndalians about Trevor Johnson. The mission of the Good Neighbors Garden is to facilitate a deep connection between individuals, families, and the earth through gardening, community education and events and also to provide an educational tool for our schools.

Trevor Johnson, creator and founder of The Good Neighbor Garden had the vision and never ending energy to make the Good Neighbors Garden a reality. He found the future home of the garden, made important contacts with city officials, and recruited the initial crew of volunteers. He wanted a place in the Ferndale area to promote gardening that would improve the environment and community. The best thing about Trevor’s role in the GNG is that he started it and now the project has transcended him. The GNG has become exactly what a community garden should be–not only a place for neighbors to grow foods to maintain themselves, but a public space where neighbors work together to beautify the city.

He’s looking to carry a new food revolution, educating people about the food they eat, where it comes from, why it’s grown the way it is. He wants to help people to “foster that food revolution… in their front and back yards.”

Friends listened to him share his vision and hopes for the garden. The next summer, this fine young man was sitting under a tree with his guitar, singing a song he had composed about his garden. Today, there are over 40 plots, a waiting list, and gardeners are drawn from, Oak Park, Royal Oak Township, Ferndale and Royal Oak. Now that’s a Good Neighbor.