2009 Awards: Chris and Krista Johnston

It is my honor to introduce the Johnston’s at this night’s award ceremony. They have become dedicated pillars of the community since having set down roots here over 12 years ago and becoming parents o their daughters, Ruby and Mabel. Most of the words I’m about to say come from the several nominations they received.

To begin with, most people know the Johnston’s because of their 3 downtown Ferndale establishments, The Woodward Avenue Brewery, The Emory, and The Loving Touch. Because of their hard work in building strong businesses in Ferndale, they were integral in Ferndale’s revival in the mid 1990s. They employ hundreds of residents among their 3 local businesses, helping to inspire the growth and rejuvenation of the Ferndale business district, and attracting patronship well beyond Ferndale borders. They should also be applauded for their recycling efforts. They use environmentally friendly practices, running their restaurant delivery van on used french fry oil, recycling everything from boxes to liquor bottles, and even recycling and reusing construction materials for their building renovations. They also support local food and beverage producers.

The Johnston’s support a variety of projects in the city that help multiple civic and neighborhood activities that are inclusie of all aspects of Ferndale’s community. They have continually provided strong community service by donating time, support ,and their products to community events such as the Drayton Avenue Co-op Preschool, the Ferndale Art Fair, The Ferndale Library, and other local community groups. Krista began the grass roots effort to make their busy neighborhood streets safer for all residents with the Slow-Zone-25 campaign, and Chris spearheaded the DIY Street Fair, which debuted in 2008 to showcase and celebrate local entrepreneurs, businesses, and creative talents from all walks of life. Additionally, they have organized fundraising campaigns for Ferndale schools. Specifically, they raised a substantial amount of money for JFK Elementary School’s playground project with a donation program at their establishments.

Krista and Chris Johnston are very dedicated to making Ferndale as successful as possible as they live and work and raise thei two daughters, Ruby and Mabel, in this city that they love. They are truly good neighbors in Ferndale.