2009 Awards: Dan Martin

Dan Martin has given his time and talents generously and voluntarily in Ferndale, and many groups and organizations are the better for it.

Dan has been on the board of the Midwest AIDS Coalition for two years. Because he saw the trend of decreasing governmental support and smaller private donations, he was a key supporter of merging two groups into one to save money and increase efficiency. He has been active in the Steppin’ Out AIDS Walk team effort for the last 4 years, and served on the Ferndale Arts and Cultural Commission for two years.

Dan works for Blue Care Network of Michigan as the Director of Provider Services and Communications. He helped to get BCN sponsorship support of the Blues Festival and Taste of Ferndale. He has served on the board of the Ferndale Community Foundation for several years and is relied on for his ability and reliability. He is now the chair of FCF and led the organization of Taste of Ferndale, the largest ever fund raising event of FCF. Dan has volunteered countless hours working the Taste, Blues and Ferndale Pub Crawl, helping to open our city to neighboring cities and giving the residents of Ferndale new reasons to enjoy themselves and help others at the same time.

As a volunteer employed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Dan is a friend of the FernCare Free Clinic board of directors. He has contributed his knowledge to the board’s deliberations and will continue to work to make a broad array of resources available at each step in the development of the clinic, and he has gone above and beyond the call of duty as a member of the clinic’s first annual fundraising dinner committee.

Two people who have worked with Dan and count him as a friend, say that Dan is “Not the loudest person in the room, but he’s the most effective person in the room.”