2009 Awards: Ann St. Peter

It is my honor to introduce Ann St Peter at this award celebration tonight. I have known Ann for many years, since she was my actual neighbor when we lived on the same street and started having children at about the same time.

Many of you here know Ann as the owner of the downtown business, the Pinwheel Bakery. Many of you may not know that Ann has lived in Ferndale for almost 2 decades, and something I found out that was interesting – she used to work at Sam’s Jams a while ago, as a record buyer, for those of you who may remember that business.

Ann is a very active volunteer with JFK Elementary school, committed to enriching the educational experience for not just her sons, Owen and Emmet, but for all the kids at the school. She served as president of the Open Classroom Parent Advisory Committee, which can be a challenging position, but one in which she provided perceptive leadership.

Watching Ann over the past several years bravely follow her dreams and open her own business has been an inspiration for many. Her unique business has helped keep our downtown diverse and thriving. Even in these tough economic times, Ann has generously donated her delicious baked goods many times. The Pinwheel Bakery has always been a supporter of local artists, often showcasing their work. And in a downtown area that is often not inviting to children, Ann has added to the diversity of Ferndale’s downtown by creating a space that is open and welcoming and to children (and children of all ages).

Ann St. Peter is a true Ferndale good neighbor, and I can’t say enough about her open, thoughtful, and generous approach to keeping Ferndale a wonderful community to live in.